The Women Before the Women of the East

So looking for something to write about, I found something interesting that I was insterested in and goes along with my research topic, the borderlands. I found an article on the Time magazine website by the Zucalo Public Square. It talked about the European Spanish-Mexican descent women who were left there from previous colonies and living in what we now know as the Southwest. The article explained women’s suffrage started here as these women had rights that Anglo-American women did not. The spanish control gave them the right and opportunity to become elite as when their husbands died they got to keep the land they brought into the marriage and care for land the children would inherit until they are old enough. Many of these women became entrepreneurs and writers. The article continued to explain though that as people from the East moved in other minorities both racial and women had less freedom. The Spanish women who could keep and hold their own managed but with a society moving in that saw women as inferior and would leave them with nothing if the husband died, there were struggles. The article explains that suffrage started here, but I wonder if it kept expanding or halted? Did women from the East get to see the success and independence of the women already in the West and actually try to make changes in their own households and communities?

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