A Different Look on the West

So I was searching around for articles and I found an interview by Jeff Glor on CBS news with Anne Hyde and her book, Empires, Nations, and Families. I found it an interesting article and it referred to her book which focused on the history of the American West pre-Expansion era. Due to previous colonization many of the Native tribes had intermingled successfully, and peacefully with the colonizers. In some cases, looking at DNA of full Native Americans, French, Spanish, and other European DNA can be found showing the intermingling of colonizers and Native Americans. I found this interesting as it was not something I thought about in the past. We have focused on an era in class without looking at the lead ups to it.

This idea that other people were able to be more friendly with them and live in peace and not almost drive Native Americans into extinction made me wonder what the differences were? The difference in motives? Since if a nation tries to colonize a land they are trying to exploit it for some reason or another, but other nations didn’t try to drive the Native Americans out of their lands and home but instead worked with and intermingled with them. It makes me want to know more about the colonies of the North American land better.

If the class has any information about this I’d love to know! 🙂

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