Women and Men in American West Discussion

From our class discussion on Feb. 7th, I would like to continue our discussion of male’s writing about females in the American West. From the article we read by Everett Dick, his telling of the life and everyday experiences of women at this time was very one-sided and did not accurately depict the female’s perspective of life on the western frontier. Dick’s continuous focus of the female appearance during this time was absurd and portrayed females in an egotistical manner. To add to Dick’s absurdity, the footnotes that he used in the writing were not legitimate in the slightest. In one “reference”, Dick cited an interview that he conducted himself with someone named Romaine Saunders. The fact that Dick decided that an interview that he had complete control over, as to what to include and what not to include. into a piece he claims as a “research essay” instantly makes this source irrelevant towards the essay’s whole. The other references that Dick decided to include were from other male authors and in one reference, he states it was from the “recollections” of the source. Citing anything from simply someone’s recollection should not be included into any piece and is laughable to say the least. Overall, Dick’s writing has remarkable red flags for authenticity and should be discarded all together. I invite for others who feel as strongly as I do to comment any other strong feelings that they may have in regards towards Dick’s writing.

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